Our static line systems offer the safest and easiest form of attachment when a user is required to be continually connected to a fall arrest system. Static lines enable the user to follow a system route while staying continuously connected across varying roof surfaces and elevations.

Using unique surface mount technology provides the flexibility to mount to many different roof profiles without the need of additional structural steel requirements.

The surface mount technology of our static line systems ensure that the roof system remains watertight, and will deliver greater accuracy when positioning the system from the fall edge. Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel for durable, long term outdoor use, our systems also incorporate advanced energy absorbing technology to reduce the impact on the user and the system in the event of a fall.

Suresafe’s range of static line systems comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS/1891.2.2001 & AS/NZS/1891.4.2009.

– Pitched roof access (up to 30 degrees)
– Narrow roof areas
– Areas that need to be frequently accessed
– Brittle roof surfaces (such as skylights, glass or slate)

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