The RAPTOR rail system is a permanently mounted profile track system which provides smooth, continuous, and protected access for the user. Advanced proprietary engineering techniques enable multiple users per rail system at a time.

RAPTOR’S retractable lanyard system allows total freedom of movement and will effectively arrest in the event of a fall. A trolley system supported inside a concealed track delivers a neat and unobtrusive design that also protects the track from surface grime. The rigid rail system can be powder coated to blend in with building surrounds

Suresafe’s range of rigid rail systems comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS/1891.2.2001, AS/NZS/1891.4.2009 and AS/NZS4488.2.1997

– Rope access for the inspection and maintenance of building facades
– Maintenance for elevated equipment in difficult to access locations
– Fall protection for indoor maintenance and work at height
-Truck and transport maintenance fall protection

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