Tailored to your needs…

Here at SureSafe, we design safety systems for commercial, governmental, residential and industrial environments. This includes the specification of anchor points, static lines and handrail/walkway systems, ladders for roof access and temporary anchors. We are confident that we can design a unique, tailored system to meet your needs. With a team of highly qualified and experienced staff, we deliver superior design packages, heavily dependent and interrelated to the Work Cover Code of Practice, AS 1657 and AS 1891, the relevant Australian Height Safety Standards. These packages include indicative costing and an in depth system layout including AS1100 CAD drawings and product images. We can guarantee the design of a quality, safe and efficient safety system for a competitive price.


Not just a system. A solution…

At SureSafe we fabricate our Height Safety Solutions in-house, to the highest quality, and we guarantee their strength and durability. We provide both modular and custom systems, and all our systems are compliant with WorkCover Codes of Practice, Australian Standards and our own stringent standards. Within our highly experienced fabricating staff and processes, we have our own standards which must be met. These are Quality, Accuracy, Aesthetics and Efficiency. We assure that our systems will be high quality and tailored specifically to suit your needs, whilst blending in with the environment in which the system is installed. We also assure that our custom-made Height Safety Solutions are of the highest quality, and we will be able to deliver not only a system, but a solution for you.
SureSafe also provides more straightforward solutions through its trusted and proven suppliers. These components and systems are all manufactured to the highest standards and all meet Australian legislation. We offer the same guarantee of quality, accuracy, aesthetics and efficiency for our trusted suppliers, and we are qualified in the installation and certification of these systems. Whether it be a multi stage complex, or a residential home, we are capable of providing a solution for your height safety needs.
We employ a professional and experienced installation team, trained in the safe and efficient installation of our systems. We comply with all national standards and codes of practice, and are willing to negotiate further terms if they are needed. We offer a quick and efficient installation, with minimal impact on the surrounding area, personnel, and the environment. Not only will we design and manufacture a custom height safety system, but we will install it with minimal disturbance. Not just a system. A solution.


An assurance…

Testing and inspection of Height Safety Systems is a critical process. Whether your system is a newly installed, or an existing system, our Certification & Inspection (C&I) Team is willing to attend site to carry out an in depth inspection. This includes checking all fixings and seals for structural integrity, proof testing components, visual inspection of system and assessing the efficiency of use. It also involves the testing of harnesses and equipment and fittings. In conjunction with these services, all safety notifications and signage is updated. This is then correlated into a clear and concise report. If the component/system still needs maintenance or service, it will clearly be stated in both the report and on the system itself. Our C&I team’s aim is to keep your system up to date with all legislation, and most of all, to keep you safe. We care about your safety.


An effective solution…

At SureSafe we aim to provide the easiest and most efficient way of providing a safety solution. In conjunction with providing the design and manufacture of new solutions, we also provide a Repairs & Upgrades service. For many people this is the quickest and most cost effective way of improving a safety system. This includes the manufacture of new components to remove or replace flaws in your current system, to extend the capabilities and efficiency of your current system and to improve the overall safety and most importantly compliance of your system. We can also replace fixings and fittings to improve the structural integrity of your system. All repairs and upgrades are undertaken by our experienced and qualified installation personnel, and we guarantee the quality and efficiency of their work, and the components used in repairing and upgrading your system.
We have also recently introduced our Waste Management Solution (WMS). This ensures that any waste that can be recycled for the good of the environment will be. This means that you can rest assured that any componentry that has to be removed from your existing system is in the hands of a conscious and capable organisation, and it will be recycled if possible. Our waste management solution also ensures that any waste created on site will be removed efficiently and effectively, with minimal impact on your system and the environment. Our WMS is a complimentary service that does not incur any extra fees.


Going the extra step…

An additional service that we offer is Height Safety Audits. This involves one of our C&I team members inspecting your building or existing system. They produce an in depth report detailing what should be undertaken to ensure your building/system is compliant, or if it is compliant, a certification/recertification can be made. It also identifies hazards and/or potential hazards and effective measures and controls to eliminate them. This allows us to produce Indicative Costing, and is a step towards the design of repairs and upgrades of your system.