Our roof access guardrail systems are suitable for any roof surface, with permanent or fold down options to suit the aesthetic requirements of the building.

Suresafe’s walkway systems provide a designated access path in potentially unsafe environments. Ideally suited for roof deck areas where frequent access is required, our walkways available in aluminium or fibreglass, are manufactured with advanced grip surfaces for maximum traction. Walkways also protect the roof from damage and leaks that occur as a result of frequent foot traffic.

Suresafe’s range of guardrail and walkway systems comply with Australian Standards AS1657-2013.

– Access to roof mounted mechanical plant and equipment
– Brittle rooftops where fall protection is required
– To clearly mark ‘Safe to Walk’ areas for users
– Provide roof deck and fall protection for gutter cleaning
– Levelled walkways where the roof pitch exceeds 12°

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